make memories.


make art.

make out.

I did not love my bride era. The attention made me uncomfortable, and I didn’t see the value in the time and energy that goes into a wedding. So, I felt resentful and frustrated through the whole process.


about jen

I have a quinoa allergy, which sounds fake but feels very real. 

Most nights I have vivid dreams that I can remember the next morning. 

I don’t watch reality TV because they yell so much, but I still love the memes. 

My love language is a combination of clean sheets, soft cheese, and good fiction. 

That’s what drew me to wedding photography — creating images that don’t fit in a neat little box. It’s easy to get caught up in what you see on Pinterest, but your wedding is YOUR wedding, so your photos should look like anyone else’s. 

There will undoubtedly be so many genuinely happy and smiling candid photos from your wedding day, which are priceless. And that’s why I think wedding portraits are a great opportunity to make art — something unexpected. So when you look back on all the photos from your wedding day, you get BOTH. 

let's celebrate your love

But what I didn’t consider (and deeply wish I had) is the concept of romanticizing your own life. Romanticizing a wedding doesn’t have to mean throwing the biggest party ever or being “ a traditional bride” - DEFINITELY not. However, it does mean unapologetically embracing and celebrating shared love, self-love, and community in a way that’s true to you.